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RedstoneFx Liquidity Guide

In order to increase market liquidity and improve customer trading experience,Redstone has recently gradually expanded and upgraded its products’ multilateral liquidity capacity.

Through the collection and analysis of customer transaction data, the quotation and market depth after optimization have been improved to varying degrees. Due to the docking of more liquidity channels, customers can experience the reduction of the point difference of some trading varieties, and the stable transaction of orders with larger volume. At this point, the optimization not only reduces the transaction costs of customers, but also meets the trading needs of high net worth customers.

As the spread of some trading varieties decreased significantly in some active periods after optimization, the risk control department of Redstone found that some customers maliciously used large amounts of orders in a short period to obtain high commissions, which deeply and quickly consume the market of a large number of liquidity providers, thus seriously interfering with the normal trading experience of other customers.

In order for all customers to experience a better trading environment, we forbid customers or IB to use various methods to engage in malicious trading, brush arbitrage and other abnormal trading behaviors, and maintain a good trading environment. For this reason, if we find that the account has the above malicious trading behaviors but not limited to other accounts, our company shall have the right to take measures such as canceling the order, canceling the commission or temporarily triggering the self-defensive expansion point differential.



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