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Redstone trading hours schedule for US Martin Luther King Day on 18 January 2021

Dear Clients,

Please note that due to US Martin Luther King Day will coming, Redstone trading hours will be adjusted as below.All times are UK (GMT) Time, changes highlighted in red. 

Spot commodities
XAUUSD23:00 Sun – 17:45 Mon
XAGUSD23:00 Sun – 17:45 Mon
XTIUSD23:00 Sun – 17:45 Mon
J22523:00 Sun – 17:55 Mon
SPX50023:00 Sun – 17:55 Mon
NDX10023:00 Sun – 17:55 Mon
US3023:00 Sun – 17:55 Mon

Here we warmly remind you: as the holiday market is approaching, the market liquidity will gradually decrease, so it may lead to the spread widening, sliding point, delayed transaction and so on. At the same time, the customer’s account orders set stop loss stop profit point, hanging order transaction point, burst point and other limit orders may lead to the market price and default point difference too big due to the lack of liquidity and other risks, so please arrange the trading plan in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the market liquidity risk point, thank you!

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