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Redstone Important notice of UK elections

Dear Client,

Please be aware that due to our ongoing risk reviews and in light of the upcoming UK elections on Dec 12th, Our company anticipate news releases surrounding elections to increase market volatility at any time.Our company has conducted a review of our risk management policies with the intention of providing a more secure trading environment for our clients.


Important time

Start Time:07:00am, 12th of December 2019

End Time: 22:00pm, 12th of December 2019

There are numerous risks impacts that these events could have on market conditions, including:


During this period there may be times where spreads are considerably wider than usual.


As uncertainty grips the market, Liquidity Providers and Banks retreat. As a result of this, stops may incur greater slippage and stop out levels may be significantly above or below where you expect to be executed.


The market could be extremely volatile as it responds to news releases and updates.

As your broker, we look to protect clients and ensure you have a positive trading experience. Some measures we may take include but are not limited to the following:

4、Margin increases

As you might expect, we may raise margin requirements for key instruments. This reduces the chance of negative equity for clients and aims to reduce exposure under volatile conditions. This could even come in the form of raising margins on hedged positions to protect from liquidity risks.

5、Moving instruments to close only

Under some circumstance’s liquidity could be so poor and volatility could be so high we may deem it best to move some instruments to close only.

Our company will endeavour to notify you ahead of any changes being made.If you have any questions, our team will be glad to answer your questions.

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