Frequently Asked Questions

Opening an account is very convenient and the process takes just three steps:

1. Fill in the application form for opening an account through the Redstone website.;

2. Submit a photo ID and bank card photo issued by the government.;

3. After the account is received, deposit into the account can be activate the account for trading.

Your new account will be activated by completing the first deposit.

Please log in to your personal center and update your bank information in your profile. The next withdrawal will be processed according to the new bank details.

To open an additional account, log in to your personal center with your real account and complete the following steps:

Step 1: In the home page option, select “Create accountt”;

Step 2: Select the account type, leverage and account currency;

Step 3: Once completed, please click “Create account”, the page will prompt the application to be submitted successfully, and the account and password will be sent to your register email address later.

Once you are done, please log in to your registration email to view your new account and password.

Redstone offer UnionPay, Wechat pay, Alipay and USDT deposit methods, for detailed operational bank information, please visit the Redstone website.

We provide the UnionPay withdrawal method. We will send the funds through the payment channel as appropriate. Please refer to the account information as soon as possible.

Redstone do not charge any fees for Unionpay withdrawals, but due to the exchange rate difference, please refer to the actual amount of the account.

In general, withdrawal request is expected to be completed within 2-3 working days. If the withdrawal application is large, the review time may be extended. Please pay attention to the notification email. The time of arrival of the funds is subject to the actual arrival time of the bank.

Redstone offers trading opportunities for 42 major forex currency pairs, stock indices, energy and precious metals.

Margin can be considered as the actual deposit required to maintain the opening position. This is not a fee or transaction cost, but only a portion of the account equity is allocated and allocated as a margin deposit.

Rollover is the interest paid or earned by holding a position overnight. Each currency has its own interest rate. Since Forex is a one-to-one transaction, each transaction involves not only two currencies, but also two different interest rates. If the interest rate of the purchased currency is higher than the interest rate of the selling currency, you can earn rollover (positive rollover). If the interest rate of the purchased currency is lower than the interest rate of the sold currency, you will need to pay the rollover (negative rollover). Rollover rates can increase your transaction costs or profits significantly.

Redstone's trading hours are GMT+0. You can view the specific trading hours of the products in the specifications of Trading terminal.

You can download Trading terminal at Redstone

Login error message: generally displayed in the lower right corner of the Trading terminal

There are usually only two types, one is "invalid account" and the other is "no connection".

Invalid account - Indicates that you type the wrong account, password, or select the wrong server.

There is no connection - the network problem indicated, please log in again after the network is stable.

On the Redstone website login/registration page, click the forgot password and retrieve the password by email or mobile phone number.

Please register as our partner through the following page:

You can apply for a withdrawal through the Personal Center - Transfer. The spread is related to the currency pair being traded and the type of account being introduced, etc. Currently, commission withdrawals can be withdrawn through UnionPay.

The withdrawal fee is as follows:

Redstone does not charge any fees for the use of UnionPay, please refer to the amount of the account.

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