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Activity Details


1. Each ID authentication customer can apply to the customer service to participate in the event if the new deposit amount (excluding the amount of intra-account transfer and intra-IB transfer) reached the corresponding amount in a single day during the event period; deposit amounts for different days are not allowed Accumulation (for example, the deposit of USD 1700 on the first day does not meet the activity requirements, and the deposit of USD 1500 on the second day, because the deposit amount cannot be accumulated on different days, so the activity requirements are not met).

2. For customers participating in the event, the newly opened position after the event deposit will be counted as the active lot, and the customer must complete the transaction lot requirement within 45 natural days.

3. The number of trading lots of index CFD products will not be counted in the number of hands in this event.

4. Customers need to select the prize grades to participate in when signing up for the event, and they cannot accumulate multiple deposits to select high-end prizes. Each customer can only participate in each activity. Multiple deposits can be made at the same time to choose activities of different levels, and activities carried out at the same time need to be completed at the same time.

5. The customer must not apply for withdrawal of the deposit amount required by the activity before completing the transaction number requirements; customers who have met the lot number requirements and have not applied for gifts before the withdrawal will also be deemed to have waived their qualifications.

6. Once a customer is found to have cheated, the activity will be disqualified (cheating includes but not limited to ordering, hedging, etc.); the customer will be recorded as a valid lot after holding the order for 10 minutes.

7. Customers participating in this activity cannot participate in other bonus activities at the same time, and need to give up the deposit bonus to participate in this activity.

8. After the customer completes the deposit, select the prize grade to participate, and send the participation information (MT4 account, deposit amount, participating prize grade) to the customer service mailbox [email protected] to complete the event registration.