Deposit Bonus up to $5000

Activity Time: long term effective

10% / 15%

Customers who make a deposit for the first time enjoy a 15% bonus, and others enjoy a 10% bonus.


The maximum bonus is $5000. After receiving the bonus, the account can be cleared to zero.


For every 100 USD bonus, 25 lots need to be traded within 30 days.


Orders held for less than 10 minutes will not be counted in the number of lots required.

Choose the suitable bonus activity

Welcome bonus

15%, applicable to customers who make a deposit for the first time

Exclusive bonus

10%, once a month for all customers

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is 15%.  The number of completed lots = bonus amount/4. (Customers who make a deposit for the first time)

Exclusive bonus

Exclusive bonus is 10%.The number of completed hands = bonus amount/4 .(Once a month for all customers)

Activity Details

Receiving condition

Other details