Get $88 bonus when you open an account

You can apply for withdrawal when you meet the transaction requirements!Valid until Sept. 30st, 2021

The profit is the customer's, and the platform bears loss

Complete the transaction requirements to withdraw the profitable part

30 Days​

Transaction Deadline

30 Lots​

Closed lots


Max profit

Validity period of 30 days, automatically frozen after expiration

Account opening bonus


Activity Details

Please carefully review the following rules before trading

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Special Account​

The default leverage is 100 times, it is not possible to deposit, modify the leverage, and calculate the commission

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Validity Limit

The validity period is 30 days, and the account will be automatically frozen after expiration

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IP Limit

Only one experience gold account is allowed to apply for and trade under the same IP

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Holding time

The order holding time needs to meet 10 minutes

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EA orders are not counted

Customers need to trade independently, orders generated by EA will not be counted as active hands

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Index orders are not counted

Index orders are not included in the active lot

Other instructions​

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